Awarded by Central Europe Foundation Board Member, János Faragó at the Graduation Ceremony of the Central European University, Budapest, the 2006 Dr. Elemér Hantos Prize was awarded to Prof. Dr. Stefan Messman and Prof. Dr. Tibor Tajti, editors of the prize-winning book, “Investing in South Eastern Europe--Foreign Direct Investment in the Stability Pact Countries”, published in 2005.

They plan to use the Dr. Elemér Hantos Prize money to fund another project to promote economic cooperation in Central Europe: a series of books entitled “the Case Law of the Central and Eastern European Emerging Markets--Commercial and Private Law”, covering a wide range of legal and economic principles currently being defined in court cases in the different countries of the region.

The first volume, expected to be published at the beginning of 2007, will cover leasing, privatization, directors' and shareholders’ liability--important areas in the economic and legal landscape during the region’s post-1990 transition to the market-economy based legal system.

In addition to creating up-to-date English language case books that can be used to teach the next generation of legal scholars, these cases--and their connected commentaries--will provide a valuable overview of the rapidly-evolving legal and economic environment in the different countries, providing the framework to encourage and assist international investment in Central and Eastern Europe.